Where Can I Apply for A REAL ID and Can I Renew It

Article written by Delta Driving School

Since a REAL ID is soon going to be necessary when traveling, it is important to know where to get one. Perhaps the best place to use is the DMV where you get your driver’s license from, especially if you need to get your license renewed anyway. You will need to bring all the documentation for a REAL ID, even if you already showed them all that information when originally getting your driver’s license, but then your new license will be able to serve as your REAL ID.

Another option is to get a passport, which you can do at certain post offices. These are often less busy than DMV locations, and a passport and passport cards count as a REAL IDs. Passport cards can also be applied for at some libraries, but it is best to call ahead when going to either of these places since some require you to set up an appointment.

Once you have a REAL ID driver’s license it is possible to get it renewed by mail or even online without all the hassle involved with getting it the first time. If your license has been expired for a while, however, you will need to go back in to take the driving test again the same as you would with a normal driver’s license and you will have to bring all your information in again. Passports can also be renewed if they are not too old and are undamaged.

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