Four New Laws For The Roads Of California That Took Effect January 1, 2019

Article by Delta Driving School .

With each new year there almost always comes a few new laws for you to follow. Keeping up with these is an important thing to do no matter who you are. While some of these new laws will only apply to certain people, others apply to practically everyone.

One new law is something that you have likely already noticed if you use toll roads. This new law called Regional Measure 3 increased the amount that toll roads cost in order to provide funds for traffic and transportation improvements. This price is set to increase even further in 2022, and again in 2025.

The second one of these new laws regards people who buy and sell a new or used car. If you sell cars you must now provide the buyer with a temporary license plate. Counterfeiting a license plate is now also upgraded to a felony. Thanks to Assembly Bill 1274, if you own a vehicle that is of a model less than eight years old then you will not need to get your smog checked.

Lastly, the fourth new law applies to you if you are a repeat offender of drunk driving, or have caused injury due to drunk driving, and have been convicted of such. You must install an ignition interlocking device into your car that gives you a form of a breathalyzer test so that you cannot drive if you are under the influence.

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