Types of Cases Taken by Dental Malpractice Lawyers New Jersey

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The courts of New Jersey are busy these days due to all the dental malpractice cases. Some of these are because of dental implant nerve injuries and some are related to other malpractice issues. Many consumers want to know exactly what constitutes malpractice.

According to the law, if a doctor or dentist doesn’t perform their services correctly or improperly, then the patient can take legal action. Below is the legal definition of malpractice:

“Improper, illegal, or negligent professional activity or treatment, especially by a medical practitioner, lawyer, or public official.”

Patients do have a course of action they can take if they feel they’ve received substandard care. Dental malpractice lawyers New Jersey are available to help patients get justice in a court of law. Injuries from all types of procedures may qualify including dental implant nerve injury and infections from oral surgery.

In most states, you have three years from the date of the injury to file a claim. Please remember though, that evidence can be lost, technicians may change jobs and people can forget what happened. This can leave you without enough evidence to win your case.

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