Top signs your spouse may be cheating

Couples, who suspect that their spouse is cheating, may hire a private investigator to collect evidence. Usually this evidence can be used in court cases to gain custody or hold on to assets. Here are a few red flags that should cause concern.

New work schedule – If your spouse has been working at the same job and following the same schedule for years and then suddenly changes, this could be a sign that they are cheating. Most often affairs happen with colleagues at work and therefore you should consider gathering further evidence.

New business trips – You may find your spouse having to travel suddenly for work. He or she may also schedule trips to meet new people in another city.

Less sex – If your spouse has a high sex drive and now is suddenly off sex, it could be a sign that he/she is meeting their needs somewhere else.

Evasiveness – If you find your spouse being secretive and refusing to answer questions, this could be because they do not want to explain to you about their whereabouts.

Change in hygiene – If your spouse suddenly pays more attention to their appearance, they could be trying to impress someone at work or someone outside the office.

Change in behavior – If your spouse suddenly pick fights to intentionally leave the house or is very irritable and this is a change from their normal attitude, your spouse may require investigation.