Important components of construction claim analysis

Unresolved issues between the primary parties in a project will bring work to a standstill, incurring losses for both sides. It is critical that you follow strict criteria and standards for selection of a consultant. The best outcome is one in which both parties part satisfactorily. Lyle Charles Consulting highlights some of the more important capabilities of a consultant who can resolve the situation:

Preliminary analysis

The initial analysis of events, documents, and grievances from both sites sets the foundation for the creation of the narrative to present to the other party. This is probably the most crucial step and most important capability you want in your consultant. The analysis is the outcome of the initial review process and is the basis of the initial work plan the team will use during the early days of the process.

Forensic analysis

Aside from the preliminary analysis, forensic analysis capabilities are also important. The experts need to conduct forensic cost and schedule analysis to determine the merit of the claim. The forensic analysis will make or break your claim so the better the experts, the higher likelihood of a positive outcome.

Expert testimony

Another critical capability is for to deliver compelling testimony. Presenting the construction claim analysis is only half the battle, how you present it carries as much weight. Often, the other side will also have an expert of their own, so it is important to find an expert with the right level of experience and standing in the industry.