Should I sue my dentist?

Summary: Dental malpractice can result in health issues and long-term damage. If your dentist refuses to rectify the damage then consider a malpractice lawsuit.

A simple dental visit can leave you with many complications if your dentist has been negligent. Most patients will revisit their dentist to receive necessary repairs, but if the dentist refuses, then a dental malpractice lawsuit may be the patient’s only option. Here are some important considerations if you are looking at suing your dentist.

Significant dental injury – Your dental injury must be permanent or expensive to repair for it to be considered in court. For example, nerve injury or loss of teeth is classified as a significant injury. Most often your dental treatment should cost over $10,000 for it to be worthwhile pursuing.

Small claims court – For a bad crown or root canal look at placing your case in the small claims court. Hand in a dental report to the court that states that the dental work was negligent and how much it will cost to rectify. Your report needs to be created and signed by a reputed, certified dentist.

Peer review – A claim in this court will only return the cost you incurred for your initial dental visit. However, the money you receive may not be sufficient to rectify the damaged caused.

The cost of litigation – An LA dental malpractice lawyer will charge on average $20,000 – $30,000 in legal fees. Therefore, it is best to evaluate the case and the likelihood of a resolution before proceeding.

For dental malpractice information regarding your specific case, it is best to visit a reputed law firm that specializes in dental malpractice cases.


Bio: Blog submitted by Dane Levy Attorney of, a provider of legal services for those injured by dental malpractice in California. If you suspect something like dental implant injury, contact a California dental malpractice attorney immediately for dental malpractice information.