Three things to consider when hiring a steel fabrication company

Written by Lyle Charles

Many construction projects opt to use steel to ensure that their construction frames are strong and long lasting.  For the best results, analyze and short-list the steel fabrication companies in the market, before finalizing your decision. Most steel fabrication companies will also offer a steel fabrication expert, to look into your project. Here are three things to consider when hiring a steel fabrication company.

Proven expertise – It is advisable to choose a steel fabrication company that has a strong track record in creating the type of metal fabrication you require. You should also check on the quality standards and testing methods they follow to ensure that you receive the quality standards you require for your project.

Precision engineering capabilities – To get the best quality steel for your project, it is vital that the company you choose delivers excellent precision work. Precision work means that the standards of artistry and the quality of materials used will follow internationally recognized standards.

Capacity – To ensure that you receive your materials on time, the company you choose should offer a guarantee that they will complete their work as per your timeline. Ask the shortlisted companies for a sample contract that you can evaluate. Look for details on how the company handles delays.

Consider these key areas before confirming your next steel fabrication company to avoid project delays and costly claims. To reduce and ensure your construction claims are minimized, look at a construction claim analysis procedure that can be included at the start of your project.


Lyle Charles is an expert in commercial and residential construction and certified in construction mediation and construction delay claims.