What to expect at a custody hearing

Divorce is one of life’s most painful experiences, particularly when couples can’t agree on custody of their children. Disputes over the children usually require the judge to make a ruling after conducting a hearing in court, adding further anxiety to a stressful time. However, aside from the stakes riding on the its outcome, the hearing itself is usually a short and straightforward matter. Here is what you can expect during a child custody hearing.

Custody Hearings in General

Custody hearings are usually relatively brief since family court judges must hear several cases each day. While most court proceedings on television are very formal and adversarial, family court proceedings are typically small and informal. Your Long Beach divorce attorney will be attend the hearing and advise you along the way. Both parents usually are called upon to testify, along with any witnesses they believe support their case. Children may also testify if they are old enough and wish to make their preferences known to the judge.

Questions the Judge May Ask

The judge may ask you any of a number of questions that will help in determining what is best for the children. Expect questions on topics such as your financial stability, communication with your ex-spouse and your existing child care arrangement. An experienced child custody attorney long beach can help you in explaining to the judge why your children would be better off in your custody.

Preparation is Key

With any court proceeding, thorough advance preparation is crucial for success. A family lawyer long beach ca can assist you in gathering the documents you will need to present to the judge as exhibits, selecting witnesses and preparing them for court and bolstering weak points in your case.


Bio: Riley Khorram serves the city of Long Beach as a family attorney.