When to Use a Construction Turnaround Service

Any company that has to meet a deadline or maintain near-continuous operation using complex mechanical processes can benefit from a construction turnaround service. Turnaround specialists have the training and knowledge to perform quick and skillful equipment installation, emergency repair and upgrade work on-site inside any facility and in the field. These services are essential across industries and most commonly needed at:

– Manufacturing facilities

– Fossil fuel extraction and processing plants

– Chemical processing plants

– Pulp and paper plants

– Power generation and utility companies

You should also choose turnaround services whenever you need specific construction expertise, such as when you need a structural steel expert. Companies that provide turnaround services always have different construction experts on staff.

Experts in construction turnaround services inspect a project area and provide the important guidance necessary to guarantee that the estimated completion time in a project schedule has room for surprise delays, and that the final construction meets all national, international and industry-specific safety and environmental codes.

They also usually provide design and manufacturing services so that you never have to wait for the arrival of parts for any type of job that needs a fast turnaround. For example, most companies have at least one steel fabrication expert.

Lastly, many companies that provide construction & turnaround services handle a variety of jobs, such as spill remediation, specialty welding and heavy hauling and rigging operations, so that you don’t have to hire separate companies to complete the project on time and within budget.