What is a rehabilitative divorce?

A rehabilitative divorce is an instance where one spouse needs financial help from the other to regain their footing and be financially stable.

There are different types of rehabilitative support, and they differ according to the state. Permanent alimony can help support a spouse till death. Separation alimony, on the other hand, will focus on awarding payment for the time of the divorce. In some cases, a lump sum can be assigned as a one-time payment to avoid any future support. Reimbursement alimony is granted to spouses who need help to retrain or educate themselves in a job skill.

Some states only offer alimony if a couple have been married for a specified period. Most often courts will only grant long-term maintenance to a spouse if they have been married for ten to twenty years. While other forms of support will state the minimum years of marriage required to qualify. However, there is no durational marriage requirement for rehabilitative alimony.

Rehabilitative alimony is financial support to a spouse provided for a finite period. Sometimes such maintenance is offered to a spouse to help them reach a specific goal or a deadline regarding study because rehabilitative alimony is awarded to support the spouse become self-sufficient. This form of maintenance is also offered to spouses who are currently earning a lower income and require additional education or skills to become self-sufficient.