Should You Tell Kids About a Divorce?

kids-and-divorceWhile a divorce will need to be discussed with children eventually, the timing of that discussion and what is said in it are important. The first day that you visit a Long Beach divorce attorney is not the time to have the divorce conversation with children. It is a discussion that is better put off until a more definite plan is in place and you are able to answer children’s questions more concretely.

The most critical things you can tell your children in a conversation about divorce are that you love them and that the divorce is not their fault. This point needs to be made multiple times both during and after the divorce.

The next most important thing is allowing children to express their emotions and to let them know that whatever they are feeling is okay. Children may have a variety of emotions regarding the divorce including sadness and anger, but in some cases, children might be relieved about a divorce as well.

If possible, the divorce conversation should happen with both parents present. Ideally, you will have already worked out some concrete plans regarding separation and divorce so that you can answer children’s questions about what will change and where they will live. Long Beach divorce lawyers may assist parents in making these initial plans.

Stability and cooperation between parents are crucial elements in helping children adjust to a divorce. A family lawyer Long Beach CA may help you lay the groundwork for this adjustment.

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