What to do if your loved one is in Jail

2If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having to watch a loved one being arrested or in jail, it is important to remember that they are counting on your for help. To protect your loved one’s legal rights, follow the steps below:

Gather information – If your loved one calls you, ask them to provide you with details on where they are being held and the name of the police agency. Get information on what they are being charged for, but do not ask them to explain the situation. Remember that your conversation can be recorded and used against your loved one in court.

Remain silent – inform your loved one to remain silent. They should be advised not to make any statements or take any tests.

Document details – Note down information from the arrest onwards. This will help your loved one’s defense team, by providing them with vital information.

Locate a qualified criminal attorney – Locate a good lawyer and provide him/her with the details about the charges and the police agency. Your lawyer should immediately contact your loved one and protect him/her from being questioned.

Jail bond – The bond amount will depend on your loved one’s crime and previous criminal history. Once your loved one appears in all subsequent legal proceeding, the bond will be refunded. You can pay the money in the form of a check to the holding agency. If this is not possible, you can get the funds from a bond agency. They will however, hold a percentage of the amount, this will be non-refundable. If this is also not possible, you can request for a pretrial, if the crime is eligible for pretrial.