Construction Delays: Common Occurrences You Can Avoid With This Advice

construction-delays-road-signConstruction delay claims are a fundamental aspect of the construction industry, and one nearly every outfit will encounter at some point while managing the business. These delays are fairly common, and even avoidable if you take the proper precautions on and off the construction site. With this advice, you’ll be prepared to face any dispute that may come your way.

Labor Disputes

By far, the most common problem on construction sites come from labor disputes. Aside from fair pay and benefits, the best method to reduce these kinds of delays is to make sure that the project manager avoids changes to the scope of work. Paying overtime to fix mistakes or edits to a construction costs significant sums of money.

Changing sites, or changing plans, is sometimes unavoidable. In those situations, construction mediation can help to resolve disputes before trial is used. The advantage to mediation is avoiding a binding, one-sided agreement.

Permits and Work Orders

Documenting everything you’ve done is crucial to successfully defending claims related to work orders and permits not arriving on time. If you’re able to show when your requests were made, and the scope of your requirements, you should be able to defend against most delays assuming you had made your request early enough.

If the dispute does go to trial, a construction expert witness can help explain your side of the case in greater detail. Such a person would be able to demonstrate why you feel the claim is in your favor, with evidence from the case itself. Like a second advocate, such a witness can tip the scales in your favor.

Lyle Charles Consulting offers construction mediation to help settle disputes without going to court. For more information, contact Lyle Charles.