The Role a Construction Expert Witness Plays in Court

Summary: A construction expert witness in today’s industry needs to be well-versed in construction legalese.

A construction expert’s involvement in today’s modernized construction industry plays a pivotal role in both the legal and contractual phases of a project. With the help of their testimony, the trier of fact on issues related such as costs, delays, and codes, can be handled appropriately.

This article is designed to showcase how construction consultants and experts can provide invaluable assistance in cases.

Legal Claims

Legal claims often arise in construction projects as a result of poor planning or simply due to bad weather. For example, a case may revolve around a breach of contract or a delay due to a rainstorm.

Such legal disputes may require the perspective of a construction expert like Lyle Charles of Lyle Charles Consulting for example, because of the complexities of construction cases.

What is a Construction Expert Witness?

A construction expert is someone who specializes in the legalities and intricacies surrounding the construction industry. They can easily discuss industry standards and technical language for any type of case.

Depending on the legal action taken, construction experts should be hired according to their specialties. For instance, base your hire on the type of case you have. Let’s say it has to do with a wrongful death, it would be wise to find a qualified witness that has handled multiple cases that are similar to yours. This way, you will be on the right side of the law and be able to pump out an effective legal strategy, especially when you need it to persuade the trier of facts.