What are the Medical Marijuana Dispensary ownership laws in CA

Article Provided by Elon Berk

Thinking about opening a cannabis business in California? The laws recently changed to open the door to some business growth, but there are strict rules governing the sale and purchase of Medical Marijuana. Even down to the County or City you’re operating within. Here are some of those laws.

Licensing and Location

To operate a cannabis business, you need a license from both the state and your local jurisdiction. However, all unincorporated counties in Los Angeles prohibit business. Additionally, LA County is not currently issuing or accepting applications for cannabis business licenses.

Choosing to operate an unlicensed business can impact your future prospects for a legal and licensed one. However, if you have a license then you have some options.

Your property must be located within incorporated counties of Los Angeles, whether you’re selling recreational or medical marijuana. That includes any operation that cultivates. You should be sure of your jurisdiction before signing rental agreements on commercial property, or establishing your operating at a specific location.

Additionally, property owners have some discretion over the kinds of businesses that are allowed a space. You should be sure that the building owner has a clear understanding of your business, as well as any risks and benefits associated with it. It’s common for newly established businesses to be considered a higher risk, but do not be deterred if your paperwork is right.

Final Thoughts

Operating a medical marijuana business is largely up to your local jurisdiction. Even though sale is legal in California, regulation is keeping the industry from explosive growth. The future is a delicate balance between entrepreneurship and county preference.

BIO: Elon Berk is a managing partner for “Gurovich, Berk & Associates,” as well as a well-known Criminal Defense Attorney and advocate. Elon Berk co-founded Enkrypt, an iPhone app for secure communication.