Taking Steps for a More Effective Background Screening Program

In today’s fast-paced and competitive work environment, there’s no room for employee issues such as workplace violence, embezzlement, harassment, or other problems. Therefore, employers have now been cracking down on employment screening to minimize the risk of any distractions.

However, on the other hand, companies are also becoming more conscious of their expenses as well. This means that screening, while there are obvious benefits behind them, are somewhat lackluster due to the limited funds that they invest in it. Some companies will look into many background checks online, only to end up running a basic service that tells little to nothing about the applicant.

Do Not Negligibly Hire

Effective employment screening requires the employer to demonstrate due diligence in the hire. This means that they must take the reasonable, and proper, steps to determine whether or not the candidate will mesh with the work environment. By doing so, the employer can protect himself from claims of negligent hiring, which often occurs when an unruly employee is hired.

Obtain Objective Information

Also, effective employment screening also requires the employer to obtain factual information on the candidate through an actual legitimate screening service. Impressions based on interviews will only provide subjective information. Viewing someone’s criminal history and background will give more clarity on who the candidate really is. In addition to this, if a company were to mandate a pre-employment background check, it would discourage prospects with something to hide from applying. These checks are designed to also encourage applicants to be honest in their motives when applying to a company. If they have a motivation to reveal their background, then that’s one positive step.

Mandate a Consent Form for Screening

If you’re looking for a more effective background screening program, ensure that you state that all applicants must sign consent forms for a background check, which also specifies that criminal records will be checked when they submit an application or resume. Doing this after would only waste both yours and their time.

The Bottom Line

Background checks are not only important for the safety of the company workplace, but it’s also to ensure that the applicant will offer something productive to the company as well. In order to grow and succeed as a company, there must be a talented team that has the capabilities of making effective decisions.
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