Sources of background check material

Criminal background check application form with glasses and ballpoint pen.
Criminal background check application form with glasses and ballpoint pen.

Written by Tenant Screening Services, LLC


When it comes to background checks, there are various types available. Employers use pre employment checks to screen candidates for job positions. Landlords use these servers for tenant background screening. These screening services acquire data from hundreds of sources to compile the reports. Here is a list of some of the most popular information sources for background checks:


County Criminal Records

This is a list of criminal records for misdemeanors and felonies from several thousand counties in the United States.


State Criminal Records

A registry of crimes committed throughout an applicant’s state of residence from state police records or state criminal records databases.


Federal Criminal Records

A listing of crimes that have been prosecuted in federal courts. This can be crimes like tax evasion, fraud or embezzlement.


Prohibited and Restricted Parties Search

This screen has a list of people you cannot hire because they are known terrorists and offenders. The other offences can include narcotics trafficking, money laundering and weapons traders. This will also include parties who are subjected to economic sanctions or trade embargos.


Sex Offender Registry

This is a list of all registered sex offenders. The search can be done either state-wide or nationwide.


Driving Records

This is used to identify all drivers with unsafe driving records. Checking this is essential for any position that involves driving and can be a factor for corporate risk.


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