Is It Easy to Get a Criminal Record Expunged?

Confidential red rubber ink stamp on karft paper textureThe answer to the question above is both “yes” and “no.” It is possible to have a criminal record expunged, however, it’s not always a simple or short process. In my many years as a criminal defense lawyer and a traffic ticket lawyer, I’ve come across people with all different types of criminal records. Every case truly has to be evaluated on an individual basis. If you’re interested in trying to get your criminal record expunged, I highly recommend that you meet with an experienced lawyer.

Once you have a criminal record expunged, you no longer have to say that you committed a crime in the past. Expunging a criminal record allows for new opportunities that were not available before. For example, many people are denied access to jobs and various types of housing based on criminal records from the past.

Every state has different requirements for expungement eligibility. Certain states only allow misdemeanor convictions to be expunged and others consider felony convictions as well. Expungement is usually only considered after a sentence or probation terms have been completed. Expungement is characteristically not difficult to obtain for convictions made under the age of 18 once someone has reached adulthood.

Every case needs to be evaluated individually, but for people with a long rap sheet, it can be more difficult to obtain an expungement. If you have DUI convictions from the past, it may be wise to consult with a DUI defense lawyer to discuss your issue.