Can I Legally Remove My Mugshot From the Internet?

Article written by Pierre Zarokian of

remove mugsotsIf your mugshot shows up on the Web, you’re probably doing everything in your power to wipe your records clean as soon as possible. Most people in your position would do the same, and that means making sure that your mugshot disappears from the Internet. Unfortunately, having something removed from the Internet isn’t so simple. Read on for a step by step of everything you need to do to have a shot at removal, but be forewarned that removal may not always be a possibility.

What About Legal Threats

Legal threats are many people’s first option, or at least one of the first few that come to mind. Unfortunately, suing an entity like is no easy task. These websites understand the loopholes behind the Digital Millenium Copyright Act and often hide behind anonymous postings and freedom of speech. They use the ugly side of well-meaning legislation in order to pervert the names and reputations of otherwise honest citizens.

What About My Privacy

You might think that the mugshot is private and personal, but the Freedom of Information Act makes it possible for anyone to query information about you and publish that information on a public outlet. Mugshots are part of the Federal domain, which means they are public. The rules governing websites that post mugshots for profit are unclear at best, especially in states like California.

Even with expungement, these websites are not required to remove your content once it has been posted online. Unless you are guaranteed removal, nothing is set in stone.

What to Do

Many of these services try to get you to pay for a removal, but this is the wrong route for you. Paying one mugshot website for removal doesn’t ensure you have long term protection against the picture returning. As soon as you pay, your picture may show up on other mugshot sites, at least this is what many have discovered. Why? Because many of these sites are ran by the same people or the owners share info with each other.  It would cost you a lot, and it’s an unnecessary expense that won’t help repair your reputation. In many cases, paying for a mugshot is the last resort well after the damage is done.

Mugshot removal services with a reputation management company are a much better option. They can safely remove your mugshot, help develop a plan to monitor your reputation online and ensure that you don’t suffer from your mugshot returning.

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