How Adversity and Competition Plays a Crucial Role in Achieving Success as an Entertainment Lawyer

Article submitted by Barry K. Rothman

An inexperienced entertainment lawyer needs to start small. Typically, he or she will have to start with clients that might not have enough to pay the bills. However, the upside to this is gaining invaluable experience that will help the attorney in the near future.

Starting Small

Now, most actors and actresses will struggle to make ends meet with holding part-time jobs and gigs. For instance, they’ll be faced with a variety of issues such as talent releases, tax issues, and even union affiliation technicalities. The aforementioned are some of the most basic entertainment legal and business principles.

Investing ample time and energy in developing both legal and business competence will always pay off. Remember, entertainment client will shop around and compare lawyers – similar to businesses and restaurants. Perceived competence will allow one attorney to stand out from others within the market and ultimately gain more clientele. In the long run, this is where you want to be. This is why starting small and gaining the exposure will assist you in the end game.

Don’t “Jump the Gun”

Chasing after the big fish might seem like a lucrative opportunity. But, don’t forget that many of these big-name actors and actresses might not even go near you without seeing the impact of what you can do in your craft.

There are always opportunities for you to go out and grab. It does however, take persistence, networking, and a strong will to achieve success to do so. Always take the time to meet experienced attorneys and attend conferences and seminars that discuss what it takes to become successful.

Article submitted by Barry K Rothman. Barry K. Rothman, a seasoned lawyer, and his firm have successfully handled high-profile clients within the industry and continue to transcend the legal system today. Check the Barry K. Rothman reviews online to see why his clients trust him.