4 Things to do before signing your first apartment lease

instantbackgroundchecks2Written by Tenant Screening Services, LLC

Moving into your own apartment can be one of life’s big steps. However, before you sign your first apartment lease, you should consider the following areas.

Gather all the paperwork you’ll need – A landlord will often conduct use tenant verification services to ensure you are a suitable tenant. Therefore you will need the copies of the following documents to hand over to your tenant.

Letter of employment on company letterhead (hire date, title, base salary, bonus, if applicable)

Most recent tax return

Two recent bank statements showing your account balance

Two recent pay slips

Photo ID

Letter of reference from a previous landlord

You may also have to fill a tenant background screening form that includes your basic contact information and rental history.

Check for errors on your credit report – You can request for one free credit report every year from AnnualCreditReport.com. You should get your report before you start looking for apartments.

Prepare for extra move-in costs – You will have to pay a month’s rent plus your refundable security deposit. You should confirm the amount before you sign your lease.

Do a walk-through with your landlord – Walk through the apartment with your landlord and note down what needs to be fixed. Note any cracks, rips in the floor, walls and tiles.


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