What to do if you are wrongly accused

1False accusations are very common and it can happen to you or a loved one. If you or someone you know is falsely accused, it is in your best interest to locate an experienced criminal attorney to represent you. Your attorney will provide you with the best advice, but prior to this, here are a few tips to protect your interest.

Understand the importance of the accusation – Although the accusation is false, you should never take the charges lightly. Taking action immediately, will reduce or eliminate any legal ramifications.

Costs – Building your defense can be expensive. Costs will be higher if you have been falsely accused of a criminal crime, such as, rape, sexual abuse or domestic violence. You will need expert witnesses, like psychological tests etc. Therefore, ensure you have sufficient funding to build your defense.

Document your case – Start noting down any information that may be useful for your case. The more detailed you gather, the more helpful your information will be to your defense team. Note down events, conversations and gather written evidence, that will help build your defense.

Knowledge is power – Educate yourself on the legal particulars of your case. Although, your defense attorney will assist you with information, you need to understand the process yourself. Look online regarding your rights and the legal system.

Witnesses – Make a list of possible witnesses. You will need details regarding their name, address, telephone number, employment details, brief background and how they will strengthen your case.