What is client coaching?

5A qualified defense attorney will do his/her best to put together a strong case for their client. Prosecutors on the other hand, will try their best to throw the defendant off course, in order to build their case against the defendant. Therefore, an un-coached client, on the stand, could hurt his/her own case. To prevent a client from hindering his/her case, a defense attorney will coach their client to say the right thing, when questioned.

To client coach, a defense attorney will;

Conduct mock-interviews – These methods tend to rouse the memory of the defendant. For example, the defense attorney may ask the defendant to relate a story chronologically. This will also help the defendant memorize the defense theory.

Ask the defendant to visit the crime scene(s) to stimulate memories.

Ask the defendant to write down, in detail, his/her version of the event(s).

The defense will also explain the theory, the prosecution will be using. This will help the defendant include certain facts in their answers. For example, If the prosecution wants to show that the defendant was at a certain location at a certain time. The defendant should answer so that the events, can not place him/her in that location at that time.

Defense attorneys will also provide the defendant with detailed information about the prosecution’s case. This will help the defendant remember and produce information that will go against or cause doubt in the prosecution’s case.